Board Member Criteria

President: Ability to read and analyze and reason. Outgoing personality as this position is the "1st contact" for our Club. Some accounting ability as we will be reviewing financials, ability to interpret and apply our rules and procedures. 

Secretary/Treasurer: Some math capabilities and spreadsheet experience as well as a computer with internet. Ability to be on a "bank account" as a signer as this position deals with the Clubs funds, making deposits and expenditures when necessary. Takes notes and keeps records of meetings, etc.

Statistician: Ability to interpret our Rules and Procedures as this position is the main "rule interpreter" for dart competition. This position compiles data in to spreadsheets (excel), edits and posts to our website, collects score sheets in person and electronically either through email or texts and may collect any dues for the Treasurer. Must be able to use a computer and excel and also  email programs. 

Board Members meet monthly, generally BEFORE play on a Thursday, but occasionally on other days - so you must be able to "get to the meetings" to participate in Board Business.

EACH position will be giving reports to the Members at our General Meeting and sometimes at the Selection Meetings whenever necessary - so be able to get up and speak (or read) to the Members!!

***I will add more Criteria as I recall what else must be done for each position** This is not ALL inclusive.***REMINDER: Board Members by rule must play at least 2 of 3 seasons in the year they serve.. So if we only have 3 seasons, you must play two, if we have 4.. still 2..  They must be "active" players!!!  

TDC Rules and By-laws - are posted and updated as voted on at the last meeting - grammatical errors and errors in content have been corrected by the League Statistician. Only those rules that were voted on have been changed - all other rules/by laws have not.