Fall Season and INFORMATION

  ​Week 7 is up , Week 8  is next !!!!.  Subs: A person may sub if their AVERAGE is within (2) points (documented by  TDC) of the person they are replacing - LAST seasons average, not ongoing current average!   If OVER 2 points - BOTH Captains must approve, no approval, no sub, period!    Congrats to Andy, our first TON80 of the Season!!!!

                      FYI - there are NO High On's for Doubles, you are ALREADY on - !

​​**IF YOU want to run for the Board, you have until December 1st, to let us know.**Same time frame to let us know if you are playing the next season in January! 


              See our Rules Page for General Criteria for Board Members.

TIME:  When you get to Darts, get your food, get your drinks, use the Restroom and BE ready when its YOUR turn !!   IF you need a drink DURING your game -get a TEAM MATE to get it for you, IF you need to CHAT during your game with other players (not the one you are up against right now), WE have a problem. Matches are running TOO long because of these "unsportsmanlike conduct" infractions.  YES - taking too long to play your match because YOU are killing time with chatting and drinks or food and YES smoke breaks - will Be addressed by the Board.  FIRST, the other player needs to let HIS/HER Captain know, that Captain lets the other Captain know whats going on -thats the first warning. The second time it happens during a match let the other Captain know you are calling "unsportsmanlike conduct" and write it on your scoresheet (and why) in the margin of the ongoing match.  UNLESS every match goes 3 games; you should be DONE by 10 at the very very latest. The Board will discuss what we are going to "levy" against the Team that is doing this, because losing points from THAT player affects the Team!  

ONCE again some reminders; Score Sheets should NOT have corrections - they should be sent via text or email to Jesse at the end of Play. They MUST be readable!!!  Once the score sheets are signed NO additions can be made, so if you forgot your TON80 - oh well. Home Team is responsible for Score Sheets. SUBS: If you use one, make sure you pay the sub fee before the end of the night- because no fee, no points and remember in a 10 game season your ACTUAL team must play 2/3 of the games..