REMEMBER: Our Summer/Fall Season selections begin  August 23rd - so if you ARE going to play LET Barb know, as you must be present to be selected! We are posting flyers, etc, to try to increase teams to at least 6! Please let your friends and relatives know, we love new players as well as returning friends!

Dart Playing Information: IF the other team does not show up to play (at least 2 players) then that is a Forfeit. However, the team that IS there, must still turn in signed paperwork (filled out) showing you and your players WERE there to play. Otherwise, the points are awarded to noone.  Additionally, its a good idea to have one of the Board Members review it and countersign it as accurate - best to dot your i's and cross your t's!   And YES it must still be given (by text or email or in person) to the league statistician by the next day to count!